Intimately Magazine Interview

-It will be a year since you entered a new decade. We see a Pamela who is secure, active and renewed. How are you feeling in this moment?
I don’t believe in counting years,
obsessing on someone’s age—but it seems we are collectively distracted by such meaningless issues- when so much in the world is at stake-
Life keeps moving- We are constantly learning and changing –
This is how we stay young- remain curious-
The more years we have, the more opportunities-
but I fear young people are stuck in a holding pattern, subjected to propaganda to numb their brains on purpose-
keep everyone busy on instagram, snapchat and video games and you can’t be a rebel- you can’t cause problems- too busy doing NOTHING!
Fight Back!
And Love is the ultimate to fight for- it keeps us Alive – and in this very heavily sedated period-
There seems no need to chase, to learn the art of seduction or chivalry—and this is what keeps your heart beating or singing—Love and all it’s complexities, nuances that maturity doesn’t help with- we are all the same-
We are babies in love-
-How do you think you’ve evolved as a person up to now?
I’ve always felt the same- I have a big imagination I think-
When I was 5-
I wanted to dig my way to China – I had a secret spot where I was actually digging – and my mother’s spoons always went missing- I used to fly (in my imagination or dreams)to my friends homes who had lots food in the fridge and toys in their closets—and I would play and eat all I could -
I wanted to help animals and people too-
I knew I was going to live a wild life—
that I just needed to hold on and venture out alone- I am a loner- I’m very alone, even when I am next to people-
I take big risks and go on grand adventures—
I’m on one right now— in the South of France-
I don’t know what I’m doing, or how I got here – or what will happen tomorrow- it’s not important-
I live for today

-Is there anything you would change about how you’ve lived your life?
I cant help how I live-
And to be honest I don’t remember most of it— I’m too busy living today—I’m not a big story teller- and I meet people 2 and 3 times before I remember them-
Of course my Children are my pride and Joy—I’m so proud of them- and their wildness and their imagination and abilities to make music, and create – and they aren’t afraid to love—this is the most exciting part-
The rest of my life is just crazy life- doing my best, my part.. my art, trying to help where I can- and do what makes sense to me—I realize it may not make sense to others-
that’s fine with me-
-You’re the woman with the most Playboy covers ever. For you, that was about more than just fun and wild living. You’ve said that it gave you the freedom you needed. What is freedom for you? How has it saved you?
Playboy was my university I learned everything important there—
I met artists, and activists and forward thinking people- they opened up my world—I took my power back this way— I was slightly traumatized as a child- and
I was always a bit of a creature—my nick name was “PUMA”..
And some now call me “little bird”..
I think I have cat-like thoughts –
I am free in my fantasies…
But, in love I am a slave-

-There’s obviously a wide disparity among some of the figures you’ve referenced. Why are all of them important to you?
I am interested in interesting people – and I also like to be around other worlds—
now I come home to soccer and discipline- It is very new for me- but I’m fascinated -
I’m blessed to be able to leave the rest of my work outside my relationship and home— I don’t need to share all of my adventures or quests- and,
I don’t need to spend my life explaining—
I’d rather hear about someone else’s day-
learn a new language-
I can rest at home and stop thinking.. or worrying-
I feel safe-
I’ve created a life that I think I could only dream up –
and it all hangs by a thread-
-When you look back now at the 90’s, how do you remember them? Was it your golden age, or is the golden age still to come?
I don’t know- golden is golden- I’m living my best life now, then and hopefully in the future-
We will have to see-
-You were quoted as saying “When I hear about countries closing their borders instead of opening their arms sometimes I wonder what’s happening to humanity.”
It’s insanity the selfishness
-It reminds me of Einstein’s quote: “I love humanity but I hate humans.”
Do you agree with that sentiment?

I think we need to learn all we can from each other-
nobody is perfect- especially humans-
Happiness is living your passion- it takes strength and effort—humans can be lazy and uninteresting- We have to push each other to grow—our friends, our neighbors and in our relationships—I’m definitely a “pusher” – but
I know when to back off too and let things happen- let go.
-I want to read you a bit of the famous Walt Whitman poem, Song of Myself:
“A child said, what is the grass? How could I answer the child? …I guess the grass is itself a child, the produced babe of the vegetation. Or I guess it is a uniform hieroglyphic, and it means, Sprouting alike in broad zones and narrow zones. Growing among black folks as among white, Kanuck, Tuckahoe, Congressman, Cuff, I give them the same, I receive them the same” What do you have in common with humanists like Whitman? How can we turn literature into action?

I’m sure I’ve read all of Whitman, This is what we need to do- read, read, read-
Put poetry in our minds, hearts and souls
This will save the world-
-Where do you think you can trace the origins of your activism? And your veganism?
Empathy, fairy-tales, mythology – Carl Jung—reading, art, growing up in the forest on an island surrounded by beauty,nature, animals and then sprinkled with fun sparkly women—
My mom – she is a force- she never stops and also has been madly in love since she was 16(a waitress) with my father (who is a poet and chimney sweep) and still together –when my dad hung a dead deer in the back yard after hunting with friends—I realized where meat came from—I was so upset- my dad never hunted again—children are great teachers- I explained to him how horrible it was in children’s terms and he never thought of it like that before- and never hunted again.
-What projects are you working on most actively now?
My life is performance art- this is what David LaChapelle tells me—
But as for Film
David will direct a film starring Sergei Polunin and I
They are still working on the script-
and in the mean time I’m shooting a funny french film in August with Philippe Lacheau- I’m excited to perform in French -
And the Werner Herzog project is a work in progress too
I’m very active with my foundation working with The Courage Foundation supporting Julian Assange and The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, PETA, and HelpRefugeesUK, Cool Earth
-How was working with James Cameron for “The Game Changers”?
I was the first investor and believer in this film – then James Cameron came along and said this might be ‘the most important film of his career’ – and brought a lot more credibility and money to the project-
It is being well received at film festivals  - It’s an important topic Veganism- for men – busting the myth that men need to eat meat- Meat causes impotency and  a vegan diet is progressive and healthy - The strongest men in the world are vegan— So many athletes are recognizing this- almost like a secret weapon—but word is spreading- and that’s a great thing for animals, humans and the planet-
My foundation also produced a film with Naomi Klein about climate change--
-“Activism is sexy,” you said not long ago. Does everything have a sexy side? What does that word mean for you?
Sexy = compassion – Living romantically means being engaged in the world- To feel everything – to not turn away – to commit yourself to the world and be inspired and help when it struggles—it’s a metaphor for love--
-Speaking of activism… we know what you think about bullfighting in Spain. So what would you say to the bullfighter who tells you that they are the ones who really love animals the most?
I think it is very cruel- and unnecessary- such a sad way to be entertained- I’ve learned so much about it- it’s heartbreaking what the bulls are put through so that the Matador can put on a pretty outfit and call it Art or culture?—something’s are better left in the past-
-You came to Europe just after Trump’s victory. Was that a coincidence?

Just good luck
-What do you like especially about France?
I always knew I’d be living in The South of France at this time in my life- and here I am – I fell in love with France while shooting for Playboy and never wanted to leave—My boys love visiting me here and think it’s funny that I speak French –I’m learning all I can- and my kids love that I am brave and are inspired by my fearlessness -
-According one of your posts about UK, France and USA a year ago, (“makes this the opportune time to discuss politics romantically”), do you think politics can always be discussing romantically?
A romantic struggle yes-
-You’ve been working hard with Sea Shepherd. Given the latest news about the huge plastic island in the Pacific (three times the size of Spain!), how do you fight against such terrible things?
Try to stop using plastic- it never goes a way—
Once you learn something you must put it into action—we all are responsible for every choice we can make- we need to switch to green energy, walk and ride bicycles more—simple things that are helpful—if we all do something- it makes a big difference—don’t give up- you are an activist if you do the simplest things like pick up garbage—or read- or visit museums- Intellectuals unite-
-Aside from activism, you’ve also been spending time painting. Where did your artistic side come from?
I’ve always loved Art, but never believed I could draw or paint—my brother Gerry is an amazing artist and my neice Kylie – wow—so much talent in the world  -
I just want to be brave and attempt all things—I also like blowing glass and welding – I love heat, fire, charcoal- I love writing most of all and am very inspired by Anais Nin and Frida Khalo
-Up to now, we’ve only seen two of your drawings on Instagram. Will we see more?
When I make more I will share them-
-On April 24, you and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach will publish your new book, Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship.
I don’t like a gimmick title to sell books- I preferred my Title The Sensual Revolution
This book is not just about sex. And I don’t want it mistaken for a cheesy self help book-
I think this it is an important book.
We make observations in simple terms and give our impressions.
And Shmuley has some great inspiring solutions. His ideas are quite racey even for me-
I’m searching too I want the same things.
Maybe I’m addicted to love, romance.
I have no education in this field –
except life experience.
I’ve tasted blood
Maybe I’m sharing a unique perspective.
I came from a very romantic family –
and it’s deeply rooted in me to be engaged in the world and care about others.
-Why did you decide to write about this, and what can we expect to read?
I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject of love- I write a lot of short stories and live a romantic life- no matter who else is in it—
It takes courage to be open and vulnerable, to walk into unknown places. Allowing another person access to our inner world is intimidating. Often, we don’t even want to know what’s inside of us— especially when it comes to sexuality.We lack self‐awareness.We hide from ourselves, refusing to explore the dark impulses within...
We stay on the surface, splashing in the sunlit waters, too afraid to dive deep where the sunlight doesn’t reach. But that is where we need to go, and it takes courage to do it.
-In the book you invite people to start a new sexual revolution (60´s), this time including sensuality. In your opinion, how would you do this?
To ask people to trust-
To just make that choice is a revolution-
To become emotionally vulnerable to another, to share your insecurities, your dreams, your weaknesses, your fantasies requires faith that the other person will not abuse you or shatter the glass heart you have entrusted to their care. We keep so many things guarded because we’re afraid of getting hurt, but love drives out fear. If we want to live an erotic life and have a lasting relationship full of mystery, novelty, forbiddenness, even sinfulness- We need to be fearless.
When we are fearless, our life and our love expand, reaching into the depths and heights where the infinite dwells.
We need a sensual revolution.
-In addition to the book, you´ve created your own lingerie line “Pamela Loves Coco de Mer”. Could you tell us more about it and why did you choose this brand?
I love Coco de Mer—I’ve been a long time client- I love lingerie and sexy things—Coco de Mer is naughty enough for me—I like the edgy-ness – we need to push the boundries a bit to have fun- I’m just not a ‘victoria secret’ kind of girl.
-What advice would you give to people who are just starting out in show business or in the film industry?

I’m the worst to ask advice—I’m never calculated or ambitious—I did not pursue this life—it pursued me—maybe that’s the answer—but It’s a wild ride when you let life happen to you—to let go of control-
-You’ve said “I am just a little girl… learning all I can.” But you’ve already become a legend like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Birigitte Bardot. How does that make you feel?
It’s all so hard to believe- so I just concentrating on trying to get through the day .


The book Lust for Love will be released on April 24 2018, pre-order click here