Assange, my Book Lust for Love and What I’m Reading?

Stay Aware -

Julian Assange is a political hostage with multiple states fighting over his body -
I'm concerned about his health and well being. His human rights have been abused before without sunlight
but this is extra ordinary.
No visitors. No internet.No phone calls.No access to outside world.

I believe this is Torture
A slow painful death
At the hands of The US-
I feel for Ecuador.
They have received so much pressure.
No one wants to deal with him. Because of political fall out.
Ecuador promised to protect him against political persecution. Not just protect him against a death penalty

He must be protected.

« We are all Julian Assange ».

It’s naive to think because he is in this position that he must have done something wrong.

This is why he needs public support.
He has only unraveled some important truths.
And he is being silenced anyway possible. If he were not in the public eye.
He’d be dead.
This is why I remind people-
He is a human being.
And not a robot or computer screen.
He has sacrificed his freedom for us.
I’m surprised that Western societies typically believe that if someone is imprisoned -
They must have done something wrong -
and just get on with their day.
I was taught to question authority-
but maybe most are thinking  too much ‘me first’ ‘me too’
I fear it’s another sign of a dangerous narcissistic society.
Full of self help gimmicks

Take a pill to feel better. or worse-numb.. (Narco Capitalism) (

"Every capitalism is, necessarily, a narcocapitalism - a capitalism that is narcotic through and through, whose excitability is only the manic reverse of the depression it never stops producing, even as it presents itself as its remedy. Of course, this remedy is nothing but a forgetting - that ablation of organ sensation that Freud highlighted, which ultimately found its ideal form in the anesthesia practiced every day on millions of consumers of antidepressants"

Also -
I wanted to comment on this
NY Post article- (
I’d like to clarify
My book Lust For Love is not a self help book or a book about sex tips.
It has nothing to do with my private life, my Age.
or my track record-
I preferred the Title “The Sensual Revolution” (
It is a humble observation about the times we are in romantically.
A conversation starter -  
Because -
what we discuss in the book - is being discussed- behind closed doors in tears amongst friends .
I wanted to collectively start a conversation.
to help-
before it's too late and we are too numb,
to save LOVE ❤️

I’m now reading
A Lover’s Discourse by Rolan Barthes (