Peace for Twilights to Come


“PAZ para los crepúsculos que vienen,
paz para el puente, paz para el vino,
paz para las letras que me buscan
y que en mi sangre suben enredando
el viejo canto con tierra y amores…”

“Peace for the twilights to come” by Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet and politician, is one of my favourite poems of all.

I have been reflecting on it, especially these days, when people claim the world is nearing another global war.

Poetry does not have as a big an outreach as other art forms but it is so important in the world and to me. It reflects the spirit of the time more truthfully, more precisely, more intensively.

I think Pablo Neruda’s poetry reflected the time in which he lived so perfectly. He wanted to reflect the creation of a socialist system in the region. He is the best representation of South American literature and poetry and a true ambassador for the fight for peace - xcuse the paradox in the term itself.

Neruda was also a great supporter of Salvador Allende, the first ever democratically elected Marxist President. Allende started a process of democratic revolution in Chile and refused to surrender to imperialistic forces, despite huge pressure from the United States. President Allende allegedly committed suicide during the 1973 coup by General Augusto Pinochet who had overthrown the Chilean socialist government. But some claim that he was “suicided” [killed]. Then earlier this year experts suggested that Neruda was probably poisoned by the secret service. If this is indeed the case, Neruda, same as Allende, was killed for speaking the truth and fighting for peace.

This was mostly because the USA was enforcing their vision of international affairs and acting as a self-imposed policeman of the world. Those who opposed them were punished...have times changed?

I am saying this because of my interest in Latin America. Since visiting Julian Assange in Ecuador Embassy over the last few years, I have always felt proud of a small country standing against the world super-bully. I was proud of the way Ecuador stood up to protect Julian whose work has been about bringing important news and information to the public and fighting for the world peace.

The first documents of Wikileaks exposed about the crimes committed by the US armed forces were thousands of military documents about wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They provided testimony about the real face of these conflicts. So many secret reports about civilian victims, massacres of civilians. About war crimes. For example, Collateral Murder video showed how American soldiers shot at a civilian vehicle and killed 11 people, including journalists. For many years, Wikileaks has been publishing more documents revealing the truth behind the war machinery and military industrial complex.

Julian’s and Wikileaks’ work has never been more important than now. The international relations are getting more and more complicated.

I follow the situation in Latin America with baited breath. There are so many elections happening there now. Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico. Brazil... all of them important.

So as Ecuador stepped up to the USA in the past, maybe the other countries in the region can also step up, stop the USA from meddling in their affairs. Create a world, the world, their world, with a goal to get people closer, reduce tensions and build trust.

Just As Pablo Neruda wanted it.