Dancing with the Stars, France 🇫🇷 2018


Pamela Anderson

Canadian, American citizen of Russian and Finnish descent. 

Raised in small town of Ladysmith BC by 2 young parents (18,20) Carol and Barry Anderson

Has agreed to participate in the French version of Dancing with the Star - in Paris/2018

She is best known for her iconic roles on television playing CJ on Baywatch (Alert a Malibu) and Val on VIP also for her only movie role - Of Barb in the cult classic Barbwire 

“I have never danced but have been offered roles on broadway. I seem to be fated to take on this challenge. My kids have always come first. And there was just no time for film or theatre. Now that they are grown. I’m ready to take on more artistic roles. “

Her dream was to live in France when her children were grown. Learn the language and fall in love. All have come true. 

"And dancing is such a great way to express yourself, and get in shape- I am emotional just when I think of dancing - I have so much inside to give - it will save me"

“She is the most famous unknown person in the world.” Says friend and confident - Sean Penn

She is an artist - writer, poet, she draws and paints, with no chance to shine yet. 

Her activism is deeply rooted in her and we know very little of how hard she works every day to save animals, the planet, vulnerable people, refugees, and victims of sexual violence. Domestic violence and human trafficking. 

And she has also been helpful to first responders during natural disasters all over the world. One of the first to appear in Haiti after the earthquake and has visited since to help where she can. 

She goes with the flow, is madly in love with french footballer Adil Rami (who has been on whirlwind celebration tour after winning the World Cup) they share a home together in Marseille with their dog ZuZu. 

Together they face the world and are on a beautiful adventure. 

Her children Brandon (actor/director/artist @brandonthomaslee and Dylan (musician/writer/producer) @dylanjaggerlee @usmidnightkids Are her pride and joy. 

They are very close and support all her unorthodox choices. Her joi de vivre is contagious. The optimist. They follow in her footsteps living life to the fullest. With compassion, fun and without fear. 

Her parents have rarely left their small town of Ladysmith BC where Pamela was born. They have been to LA to be with their grandkids. But excited that they may come to the show and sit front row. 

Pamela is excited for them to experience France. They have never been to Paris. Her father recently had a stroke but has made full recovery and is healthy enough to travel. 

Don’t be surprised if Brandon and Dylan come too. And of course the Rami family love the show and were big influencers in getting her to accept. 

‘It’s going to be fun. But I am so nervous, my body and my mind needs this- I’m sure there will be tears ... “

“Merci for your support and I hope to surprise people and also make them laugh. . “

Another wild adventure to add to the list. 

Here we go