Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival


An Evening with Pamela Anderson & Srecko Horvat

From climate to populism, and from the Berlin Wall to 'Baywatch' - an evening about the state of Europe with two charismatic activists.

Join CPH:DOX for an evening with actress and activist, Pamela Anderson, and philosopher and political activist, Srecko Horvat. Although an unexpected combination for those, who haven't followed their recent work, the two have plenty of opinions to share on the state of Europe, in spite of - or maybe because of - their different backgrounds: When the Berlin Wall fell, Horvat was a kid living in exile in Germany, while Anderson had just done her first Playboy cover. Today, both are proclaimed activists critical of the state of Europe and the world, from climate change to the rising populism and authoritarianism. Taking the stage for 90 minutes and including topical video and film clips as talking points, Anderson and Horvat will engage in a conversation circling around the current European crisis, but touching upon a wide range of topics spanning from the Yellow Wests in Paris to the children's climate protests across the world, and with threads directly from the Berlin Wall to Baywatch. Because, as Horvat says, there is no culture without popular culture.

Fri. 29/03 18:00 Bremen Theater

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