DIEM25 is an Example of Pure Heart by Pamela Anderson


It’s almost impossible to reverse or try and convince people that maybe their image of me may be not as I am.
But you may have some facts right. I have done or am all the things you have mentioned over and over and over ... lucky me. Yes I have an unintentional sex tape or 2 I had a few internationally successful tv shows. Playing ‘CJ’ on Baywatch‘Val’ on VIP Home improvements ‘Lisa’ And Stacked, where I work in a book store. (I don’t remember my character’s name) this one didn’t last long.
I was talked into this TV show - - but I was not ready- my focus was not on TV it was on my young sons - A film Barb Wire was a big hit in Cannes film festival before we shot a frame of film. Which set expectations high- Disappointing all at the box office. Yes I have been married 4x - 2x to the same man - He was not sober/sober - And now the biggest risk of all.
A much younger professional footballer (am I crazy?-yes of course ) I’ve attempted a few ‘dancing with the stars’ which in Hollywood means you’re desperate for attention and/or money. But if you give it to charity does it make it any better?
Nobody ever knows.
Reality shows are poisonous.
The only people that succeed are agents and managers.
Leaches - sucking your last drop of life’s blood.
Exploitive and weird - So
if you believe even most of that - I might
catch you by pleasant surprise-

My ambition
was never to be an actress
- but fate had its way with me - like usual-
even though I was resistant.

I still don’t know what’s next.
If you believe that only an idiot can play a dumb blonde - you may have written me off as ‘pneumatic’- mysterious, misunderstood .. Oh.
That’s ‘enigmatic’ - sorry. But

here we go - The activism part of my life started very young. My affinity with animals is authentic
and pure. I’m an island girl. A ‘Vancouver Island’ island girl. I had a Finnish grandfather who read to me - fairytales and mythology. I grew to chose for myself authors I love like Marie Louise Von Franz, Carl Jung, Robert A Johnson, Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly.
The mischievous romantic in me related to Anais Nin, While I blazed through Anatole France, and the rest. I am an avid reader like my parents. It’s rare to see them or I without a book in hand. Anyway Purpose / I felt I needed to share this attention or platform or notoriety with something more important than I. Like the planet. Animals, vulnerable people. My foundation has grown
as I learn new things. We are at a unique place in history right now and if you are not doing something. Personally (or publicly) to make the world a better place.
We are all in trouble. Collectively we must face the truth. Listen to the child protesters. The yellow vests. And open our doors and hearts to Refugees DiEM25 is an example of pure heart. Does anyone here really want to be a politician? I’d be shocked. Or suspicious. Nobody should trust a self inflicted politician with a narcissistic agenda. DiEM25 was created to stir the pot.
And offer real alternatives to the broken capitalistic system that doesn’t care for the many, or the planet.

If I can understand it.
Anyone can. I believe DiEM25ers are dreamers with solutions and substance Not a utopian ideology.
They are a group of Academics with street smarts

I’m proud to support them.
As they support me on my path of wonder and mystery through
this sexy place called Europe.