Sign to avoid Assange is extradited to the US

WikiLeaks founder and DiEM25 member Julian Assange arrested!

When Julian decided to uncover the mass secrets of global war crimes, espionage and dirty corporate deals, he had to fight his own instinct to keep these secrets unexposed so as to protect himself. He knew that he could spend his entire life in prison, victim of made-up lies about his persona, his well-being torn apart. All that has come true - and it could now be even worse… And now the time has come for him - and for us to take action!

Sign to avoid Assange is extradited to the US

A few weeks ago we alerted you. Through a leak we learnt  the US was gearing up to give Julian the final blow. A secret plan to have Julian extradited - and his struggle terminated.

A European country, the United Kingdom, has given in to pressure from Donald Trump, and has handed Julian over. This amounts to nothing less than a coordinated crackdown on a journalist and activist: and this is part of the authoritarian shift that is taking place world-wide – from the US to Turkey, from Hungary to Brazil, and now from Ecuador to… the UK.

People’s mobilization have stopped similar demands for extradition for other hero whistleblowers like Hervé Falciani - who now lives happily in Spain after years of legal harassment. Let’s mobilise again, this time for Julian, before it’s too late! Showing citizens’ resistance could stop Julian’s extradition.

Sign to avoid Assange is extradited to the US

The brave actions of whistleblowers strengthen transparency  and democracy - and often they also give us some of our money back. When 600 amongst the richest people in Spain evaded more than 300 million euros, it was only thanks to Hervé Falciani -who challenged the interests of greedy corporations- that Spanish people could get the evaded money back, to invest in healthcare and education. But instead of hailing him as a hero, Falciani was persecuted.

Now, the governments of the UK is an accomplice of Julian Assange’s suffering.The [US] government bringing criminal charges against someone for publishing truthful information is a dangerous path for a democracy to take.” says Barry Pollack, an American lawyer representing Assange.

Just like people speaking up for Falciani made a difference for him, mobilising now could make a difference for Assange. But we need to act fast, as the extradition could be processed any time now - even today! Would you support the petition thousands have already signed the petition?

Sign to avoid Assange is extradited to the US

“Julian is in custody for breaching bail conditions imposed over a warrant that was… rescinded. Anyone else would be fined and released. Except that Julian Assange’s persecution is all about challenging our right to know about the crimes governments commit in our name,” has said today DiEM25 founder and European Parliament candidate, Yanis Varoufakis.

What this extradition could mean is clear: if not the death penalty then life in a supermax prison and ill treatment. The very extradition of Julian Assange to the US would at the same time mean a gigantic blow to freedom of the press in Europe and the West. The message would be clear: persecute voices of dissent and create an atmosphere of fear.

This is is an attack on press freedom - yes - and journalists should worry. But even more importantly to me is that Julian is a human being who has integrity, a proven track record with Wikileaks - he is NO coward. His sacrifice cannot be in vain due to politics as usual. Corruption- War Crimes are lent to be exposed to keep us safe. I can’t imagine what the world be without the only credible news source -  Wikileaks.“ -- Pamela Anderson

Sign to avoid Assange is extradited to the US

Thank you for your support in these critical hours,

Pamela Anderson and DiEM25