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Adil Rami has gone from being a growing professional footballer in the Olympique of Marseille, to becoming World Champion after his victory in the last World Cup. In this interview, he tells us about his great memories of life in Spain, playing in two teams of the first division, Valencia CF and Sevilla CF. He also he explains how he enjoys the moment, without worrying too much in the distant future, and share with us his social commitment with right causes. In addition, offers us an intimate and close vision, far away from the usual image for the general public about girlfriend, Pamela Anderson. 

INTIMATELY: How do you feel being a world champion? Have you ever thought about it? 

ADIL: The truth is that I have always fought in my life to be a champion, but it is very difficult to dream of being a world champion. I am very proud of having achieved it. I have worked hard, it has not been easy, I have a very different story from many players, and being a world champion is a big pride for me. 

INTIMATELY: Are your teammates still touching your mustache as a talisman?

ADIL: Yes!! (laughs) The problem now is that when people ask me for a selfie, they also ask me to touch my mustache, and it’s funny, but, you know, touching your mustache or face is more personal (laughs). 

INTIMATELY: In one of the photos of the report Pamela is touching your mustache ... 

ADIL: Yes, she also thinks that the mustache gives her luck! 


INTIMATELY: Some years ago you lived in Spain, first playing for Valencia CF, and then Sevilla FC. What do you remember of that period? 

ADIL: I was very happy in Spain, I always say it. Sportingly, I like very much the type of game of Spain, it is the best in the world, and I learned a lot there. In France and other countries it is different. In addition, people in Spain are very happy, very festive, always enjoying “tapas”. When I arrived in Spain, they told me that life there was difficult because of the crisis, work, etc., but I found a country that knows how to enjoy life. I love Seville, the culture of flamenco, and the Valencian paella is one of my favorite meals. For me it is the best country in Europe without a doubt. 

INTIMATELY: Will we see you then chips again for a Spanish team? 

ADIL: Who knows! Everything is possible in life (Laughter) 

INTIMATELY: It is rumored that L.A. Galaxy is interested in signing up. What is true about that? Will we see Adil Rami some day crossing the Atlantic? 

ADIL: It is always rumored in France about whether I’m going to go away or not, but I think that, today, the most important thing for me is to focus on Marseille. It’s been a very difficult year, and I think now where I can be better is here. 

INTIMATELY: Professional sport is a career with an expiration date. What are your plans for the future? some project on the horizon when you leave the field? 

ADIL: Right now I can not think of anything, I have two more years with Olympique Marseille, and I feel physically and mentally strong to continue in football. 

INTIMATELY: We know you were born in Corsica, what memories do you have of your childhood? 

ADIL: From Corsica I remember hardly anything, I left there with 6 years old, and my memories are already after that. I can tell you that I started playing football at 8 years old. 

INTIMATELY: We have recently seen a video in which you have participated, against gender violence. Are you involved in social issues? Do you support some other cause? 

ADIL: I support many social causes, but in this case I wanted to give my face, because gender violence is a very serious issue with I am very sensitive. I wanted to take advantage of being known and having won the World Cup to support this cause. I am usually very joking, cheerful, but I also get serious when I have to support important causes such as gender violence. 

INTIMATELY: From mechanic to world champion. You have declared that your life could also be given for a movie. 

ADIL: It is true, I have been proposed many times to write a book, or a movie, about my life, these things shock me.


INTIMATELY: Let’s talk about your relationship: you are a very discreet and jealous couple of your privacy. But sometimes you have been seen saying very nice things about each other. What did you fall in love with? 

ADIL: Pamela is a different woman. Apart from her undeniable outer beauty, the most important thing is its interior, she is a very generous, amusing woman, and loves to help people. Apart from being very very intelligent and with great strength and security. I would love people could to see that. People often think of Pamela as a legend, and with an image of her that is very different from the real. I’m very lucky! 

PAMELA: We are very different, and that is what makes it interesting. Every day we feel it’s the first day. 

INTIMATELY: How did you meet? 

ADIL: You have to ask her, because we have very different visions! (Laughs) 

PAMELA: We met in Monaco, but we do not agree with the full story about it. So let´s just leave it up to imagination ... 

INTIMATELY: We know that both of you have a very active work life, how do you do to coincide, and how is your life in common? 

ADIL: It’s difficult because Pamela is always busy involved in many causes, and I have many trainings and work. We both knew that this year would be difficult, but we always look for ways to find our moments. But well, the most important thing is that both she and I have a very strong connection. 

PAMELA: It’s been a challenge, we have to be very trusting, and we are still earning that trust. We need to find new ways, we have to remind each other that our past is not our future. We are not a typical pro athlete/actress couple, we don’t cheat and lie and use each other. Well, I know I don’t. Marriage is not as important to me as it used to be, and we won’t be having more children. It’s just a love affair, that we live day by day. 

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One year later, we return to sit with the actress and icon of the 90's Pamela Anderson, this time in Cassis, France, and, today more than ever, we understand the reason for its "ICON" label.

With a large dose of philosophy, that blonde girl who ran the beaches of California saving lives, today fights for equality, human rights, and against animal abuse.

We approach and deepen in her heart, and also in the world she does not accept, and that she actively struggles to change. And, of course, we talked about her new life in Europe, and her relationship with the Olympique of Marseille player, Adil Rami.

In Pamela, the phrase of her admired Anais Nin is palpable: "I refuse to live in the ordinary world as an ordinary woman, establishing ordinary relationships. I need ecstasy, I am a neurotic, in the sense that I live in my world. I will not adapt to the world, i adapt myself".


INTIMATELY: It's been just one year after your appearance in INTIMATELY. How was your life been during this year?

PAMELA: Last year has gone by very quickly, it was an easy transition from California to South of France - even though It feels very far from home and from my boys-. I'm speaking French better and better, and my sons will visit me more now that I'm more settled. I have felt very bohemian/gypsy romantique in this adventure. I'm always busy: writing, reading, doing all i can to make the world easier for vulnerable people, and of course my fight against the unfair treatment of animals. We share the planet with every species, for example: bees are more important to life on earth than us stupid humans. I'm not sure what I'm doing, I guess I don't want to know. I just wake up every day with the intention to help as much as I can. Some days are more productive than others. I've noticed how much I love the beach, how important nature is to me, and that I am very grateful to have the life I do. I can't imagine what the world will look like in 20 years, if we all don't act now. We must all make big sacrifice. For example, all we have to notice and feel the anguish refugees are suffering. They are running from war. Or the climate change that has already impacted so many people. No one is more important that anyone else. Soon capital will be our karma, money will mean nothing. I pray this day comes.

INTIMATELY: You have said that you feel much more comfortable in the role of an activist than as an actress, and obviously the bigger notoriety of your statements is due to your fame as a celebrity. Could we consider the years in the show business something like a bizarre long-term plan to achieve more powerful opinions?

PAMELA: It was the star to give me the life I've led so far, I had no idea what was in store for me, along the way, and I learned many things. The Playboy Mansion, for example, was my university, It opened my eyes to a free world.

INTIMATELY: Lately we've seen that you are participating in some conversations with the political group Diem25. What can you tell us about them? Have you been proposed to enter politics? Is the moment?

PAMELA: The green new deal is mandatory, the European Spring. Yanis Varafoukis and Srecko Horvat are my friends. And we share many friends who believe in justice and fairness, and are intelligent and smart enough to not like elitists. I have met all of the candidates of Diem25 and they are good people. Not polished "Hollywood" - it is time to take back the power. People - regular down to earth people must unite and fight back, and stop paying for the greed and destruction caused by capitalism.


INTIMATELY: And what about writing your biography? You had two approaches with the novels "Star" and " Starstruck", but they actually were fiction stories. Are there stories we do not know about your life yet?

PAMELA: They were loosely based on my life, funny fiction. But I've lived a lot since then. I've had many offers to do a biography or film about my life, but I can't imagine being so self centered.

INTIMATELY: But sooner or later, a movie about your life will be done. What message would you like the story transmit to the public?

PAMELA: It will not happen in my lifetime.

INTIMATELY: Your beginnings and rise in Hollywood remind us of the Naomi Watts character of the first part of the film " Mullholland Drive" by David Lynch, and they have a lot in common with the classic stories about it: discovered by chance, traveling for the first time from your town to Los Angeles in an innocent way, your rapid rise to a gigantic fame… how did you and your family live it?

PAMELA: I love this film. But yes, it's good and bad. But i can't complain . I've done everything as well as I can. And the proof is my children.My boys are two or the coolest people I know. They are independent and wild. They are following their dreams with a force of talent and intelligence. This is my biggest gift to the world. Brandon and Dylan Lee.

INTIMATELY: Actually, we've seeing recently a greater public presence of your sons, what are they doing now? How do you feel about their decision to enter in the artistic world?

PAMELA: They are fantastic, very funny boys. And they have depth too, like every interesting person. They have their concerns, and have lived a lot. They have earned their lives. They work hard and we're never given anything. But beautiful soul. And they were raised by me, the father wasn't around- he was 'on tour' -, probably for the best. But still this is painful.

INTIMATELY: In barely four years you became perhaps the most famous woman on the planet, thanks to your participation in the most watched series of all time, "Baywatch", at what moment did you notice? Ho did you get, seen now from a distance, keep your feet on the ground and not be over passed by it?

PAMELA: My feet rarely touch the ground. I feel like an alien, a mermaid. I don't know where in. Every day are lessons. Love is my grounding force.


INTIMATELY: It was notorious that the producers of " Baywatch" gave more and more prominence to your character, but at the same time, they did not stop looking for actresses who always were sold to the media as " the new Pamela Anderson", trying to find something like a substitute for your co-stars good, or is it true that there was competition?

PAMELA: Nobody can be anybody else. My world starts on my dreams. In the shadows, not what people see on TV. Nobody understood the depths of my life.

INTIMATELY: Within your foundation you support numerous associations related to the environment, animal rights, politics… How did Pamela become part of this universe of activism and charity? What moves you to this incessant task?

PAMELA: I am here for a reason. I cannot fight what people think of me. It's not important, it's important I follow my path.

INTIMATELY: We knew about your love for the south of France, but when and why did you decide to take the definitive step of settling in Marseille?

PAMELA: I met Adil in Monaco, at Formula 1. He convinced me to live with him, before he decided on Marseille. We didn't know where we were going, there were many options. Every team wanted Adil. He's the hardest working man in soccer. He has taught me a lot about discipline and sacrifice.

INTIMATELY: Life in Marseille is much quitter. Do you miss the parties and nightlife of LA? What do you spend your free time?

Pamela: Ha. Parties? I'm not a party person, I never was. My parties are behind closed doors, with my friends. I have amazing friends. The few times I've gone out to parties were usually paid appearances, the money would go to my foundation and distributed to animal charities. Sometimes things seem very odd, about my career choices. But I wanted to be with my kids. I turned down many movies, but if I could do something for only 1-2 nights, or an appearance even on a reality show or game or "Roast", I could not turn down. My only appearance in the program "Comedy Central Roast" gave PETA 250,000$. I don't like these shows, but I didn't mind because it helped something more important than me.


INTIMATELY: You have always been a great defender of animals, which made you win many sympathies, as it is a cause in which everyone agrees. When and how did you decide to take the step of positioning yourself politically in more controversial and delicate causes, such as Catalonia in Spain, French yellow vest, or the defense of Julian Assange?

PAMELA: This is a big question, as you know. Julian has been arrested and it is devastating. He knew that it would happen. You can see it in my tweets or declaration about that. Just follow me on twitter and instagram if you are curious about my feelings on all of this.

INTIMATELY: How have you lived the arrest of Julian Assange? We have seen you very affected by this, and making harsh criticism of the UK and Ecuador, why do you think it has been exactly now when the embassy of Ecuador has decided to withdraw political asylum, and not two years ago, when that country changed it's president?

PAMELA: Ecuador and UK are subservient to the US, and now he could be extradited. Let's hope not, but if he is, Trump will use him for the coming elections. They have already attempted to destroy Julian's character. It's disgusting.

INTIMATELY: When did you meet him and what prompted you to visit him frequently?

PAMELA: Vivienne Westwood introduced us. He's a very important man, and the world needs his voice. And this is why they want to keep him quiet. We must fight to free Assange.

INTIMATELY: Did you ever talk about his fear of possible arrest?

PAMELA: Yes we knew it would come.

INTIMATELY: What can you tell us about your future? Some new projects?

PAMELA: I don't make plans.

INTIMATELY: In Spain there are not many important personalities positioned against something as popular as bullfighting. Will we see you here on occasion, organizing or attending an act against them?

PAMELA: Bullfighting is not necessary, there are more humane forms of entertainment. It's hard to discuss with anyone about torture as tradition, like it happens talking about baby seal hunt in Canada, or the whale slaughter in the Faroe Island. Bullfighting are ancient, barbaric and useless to anyone, especially considering the suffering of animals, for entertainment. Tradition? It is 2019, it's time to stop.

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