What do you love about Europe?


What do you love about Europe?

I am a Canadian-
slightly naive
Vancouver Island girl who dreamed to live and
die in the South of France - I even love the cemetery of St Tropez - to be
surrounded by culture,
a new language with
the ability to dip my feet in the sea -
as I’ve grown to know more of Europe.
I’ve grown to love Europe's diversity:
from Ukrainians living in Warsaw to Turkish restaurants in Berlin to North African communities in Paris.
It was once ravaged by war —
each country hating the next —
and now many people can move freely and make lives all across it-
America is also a very diverse,
immigrant country.
But it has never had these deep divisions of nationality and wars between them
But like in America,
this is now under attack:
they want to make a Fortress around Europe and force migrants into detention camps
That's why we are fighting to destroy Fortress Europe
and stand against discrimination of all kinds

Why should we think more about our neighbours and less about ourselves?

Honestly, I don't see a difference between them
We are all so inter-connected — more than ever: in a global economy, where we communicate across oceans every day
In that kind of world, what happens to our neighbours is a good indication of what could happen to us
If my neighbour is evicted from her home, will they not come for me next? If my neighbour is thrown in jail for speaking out against evil, will they not come for me next? if my neighbour cannot migrate to seek a better life abroad, will the same thing not happen to me in the future?
We draw these borders all the time between ourselves and our neighbours — between Britain and Europe, between rich and poor
But all of us are linked together. We need an international movement that recognizes those borders as what they are: dangerous fictions meant to keep us apart

Brexit is seen by many as the UK turning its back on Europe. Is that how is it seen in France?

I think that we should understand Brexit not as a rejection of Europe, but as a rejection of the political class
We certainly have one of those in France, too, represented Mr. Macron: an elite politician who "supports Europe" without supporting real people
And in France, just like in Britain, people strongly distrust Macron
I would like to see Britain united in a close cooperation with all the countries of Europe
But the European Union needs to change before it can convince people who voted Brexit that it is worth their support
That's why we desperately need a bottom-up movement like DiEM25 to demand a different, more democratic EU
Every day people need to feel that internationalism is in their interests, and not just the bankers

Can the UK still be friends with Europe?

The most dangerous Brexit myth is that the UK leaves Europe when it leaves the European Union.
Let's be clear: the EU is not the same thing as Europe. You can still be a European and Brexiteer. There's no contradiction.
So there is no question that the UK can still be friends with Europe — and it must be friends with Europe.
The problems we face are all transnational now: climate change, a global economy.
That's why I work with DiEM25 and European Spring: Europe's first transnational party —
because they understand that the UK can only tackle its main problems if it links up with its partners all across Europe.

Is it possible to love Europe without loving the EU?

Of course it is -
I understand Europe from the bottom-up: a continent of peoples —
from Serbians (outside the EU), to Hungarians (outside the Eurozone), to the French (at the heart of the EU). I love these people.
I understand the EU from the top-down: a set of institutions designed as a cartel. Our job is to transform the EU into a true European project.
That's what DiEM25 is fighting for —
a democratic European Union governed from the bottom-up.