"Er sagte zu mir: Rette mein Leben!"



It’s always hard to convey the conditions.
I think Spiegel did a great job
with the few minutes we had.
I did say he lost at least 20lbs (or 10 kilos).
He has been ill and could not keep food in his stomach settled for almost 2 weeks.
The big bubble camera in interrogation was looming over our heads
microphones were taped down everywhere.
Guard were outside the glass door and
They walked in and out many times to take something from desk or drawer.
Julian was brought to us
45 minutes late
After multiple entry points.
Fingerprints, photographs, X-ray machines like at airport
and pat downs -
We could bring nothing with us.
No pencil or pen.
But he’s not complaining about his conditions.
We are.
We don’t want to make it harder
for him. (And this was also conveyed to us - and unsettling)
His focus is the case
and solutions.
He’s determined
no matter how he is treated -
When obstacles are put in his way
to keep him occupied, bored or afraid.
These are details-
He is fighting
and he will do all he can to win
the people’s right to know
at the expense
of any discomfort or distraction.
It’s his life -
An incredible value to society -
That we must save.
He is dependant on us.
This is not comfortable for him.
He is not in control.
Any ounce of that has been taken from him.
He has to trust -
that WE care enough
about our rights
to fight for HIM too.

And -
they will stop at nothing
to discredit him
and try to turn people against him -

I believe
the streets have wisdom.
People are aware of the smear campaign- worldwide. .
There are many issues to fight for.
how can we fight for anything
Without knowing
(and risking all)
To understand the truth.
The answers to all the world issues
are there.
Amongst the lies, the greed, intertwined in a sick
thirst for power -

Hidden from us.

Until now -
Until @wikileaks