Who wants to kill Pamela Anderson?

Vogue Czechoslovakia June 2019


Super Heroine

Pamela Anderson. Name as a symbol. It means sex because its holder appeared in Playboy couple times. It means security because she rescued men of all generations from drowning as a member of Baywatch (then, they drowned in dreams she often entered wildly). Nowadays, Pamela Anderson has become a symbol of something completely different – society and politics. She is a commited and radical woman ready to fight.

First of all, thank you for shooting with us. It was really a pleasure. We all fall in love! You are really fun and don’t take things that seriously as a lot of celebrities do. And at the end, you paid our dinner.

You worked harder than me. It was my pleasure.

You are gifted not only with beauty, but you are such a great dancer! Great we had a little party afterwards.

I definitely needed to have some fun. We have to balance our lives. I wake up every day determined to help people. But we must refuel with fun. Make activism fun. And glamorous.

You also had a dog with you.

And I was happy to bring Zeus on the shoot. Merci - he was tres chic in that scarf. Was it Hermès , Chanel?

Actually, that little party we have after the shoot, is it something normal?

Not always. But I wanted to celebrate with my new friends and I love Cassis it was such a fun day. And I loved the little house you rented. Private and wild.

Every shoot with you ends like that?

Ha. Many. But not always.

What do you usually give to others?

My attention, my love, my broken thoughts - the truth.

What usually makes you laughed-out-loud? Which humor do you personally prefer? 

I love honesty. Raw conversations. They are very important. Even if you’re rolling on the floor. Trying to find your words covered in glitter. This feels funny and honest as you discover things in the moment and feel new feelings.

And laugh.

And what is not fun at all?

The world is suffering a lot. It’s a difficult time. It’s just not fair how some have so much and most have so little.

When we talk about sad things. Did you read Moby’s tweet about Notre-Dame? “I kind of wish people cared as much about burning rainforests as they do about burning cathedrals.” What do you think about that?

You just have to read my twitter and see my feelings on this.

" @pamfoundation 19.4. 2019

1 billion € to rebuild the Notre Dame already raised.

That was easy.

Merci billionaires-

I thought the Catholic Church had enough money. 

Thriving by the wishful tidings of the poor.”


How much of our charity work is connected with our own egos? Helping for helping or helping to look good?


I think, you are the most famous supporter of PETA ever. I read it was your own initiative to support them, is that true? 

Yes, I wrote to them from the set of Baywatch wanting to help anyway I could. I said ‘Use Me’. Let me share this attention with something meaningful.

When you talk with men, are they looking to your eyes? Or do you count minutes when they turn down there? What do you think about men in general?

Ha! Another naughty question. Every girl wants to feel sexy.

I think of myself as a socialist feminist. I love men. I don’t like authority. Be careful who you share your weaknesses with. Some people cant wait for the opportunity to use it against you.

How seriously do people take sex symbols? What is the biggest cliché about it?

‘Sex symbol’ is a cliché.

As the sex symbol of our times, what do you think about #MeToo? 

I don’t think hashtags are as effective as actions. I feel the same about protesting. It’s important. But also important to take action individually in our own lives. Even if others aren’t.

Do you really care what people think about you? 

Not really, I just hope I can inspire people to think about the world.

I love you twitter posts. Do you always tell what you really think? 

Yes I try.

When were you politically incorrect?  

Always. I’m told so.

What do you think of "overcorrectness" of current times? 

Boring and isolating.

Have you ever been judged for your behavior? 

My behavior? I’m alive, I’ve had a fun life.

We have to remember we all have layered lives. It’s not easy to judge someone correctly. So it’s best to mind your self. We should judge our politicians. So we can vote for who most resonates with the people.

What is the biggest bullshit you ever heard about yourself?

I try not to listen. I realize there is an image of me. That over the years evolved o to kind of a cartoon. But people can’t really believe it to be who I am. It’s hard to accept it. I’m always in a ridiculous battle - to convince people that I have something to say. And even people closest to me try to protect me - don’t use this photo it’s too sexy. Don’t do this. Don’t do that.  Fuck off!!! Let me be me. I’ll tell you who that is!

Are you afraid of getting old?

Well, it’s not the easiest thing. My mother warned me of all.

How one day you’d look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. Your hair would thin (not in my case) my neck would go next she said. (I’m lucky so far) but definitely feel it. I don’t want to chase youth. Funny how youth chases me. I’m hard to keep up with. But I want to enjoy my body my ‘beauty’ what events left to the last drop.

Did I tell you I like your voice? I really want you to record a Vogue Czechoslovakia voice mail! What will be the message?

Oh, I don’t like my voice. But I like to use it for good. And I want to say Europe must take the lead in tackling climate change that's why we need Green New Deal and it is happening, in United States with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez,

in Europe with European Spring and DiEM25 and hopefully in UK with Labour party.

What do you love about living in Europe? 

I love Europe's diversity: from Ukrainians living in Warsaw to Turkish restaurants in Berlin to North African communities in Paris. It was once ravaged by war — each country hating the next — and now many people can move freely and make lives all across it. America is also a very diverse, immigrant country. But it has never had these deep divisions of nationality and wars between them. But like in America, this is now under attack: they want to make a Fortress around Europe and force migrants into detention camps. That's why we are fighting to destroy Fortress Europe and stand against discrimination of all kinds.

Why should we think more about our neighbours and less about ourselves? 

Honestly, I don't see a difference between them. We are all so inter-connected — more than ever: in a global economy, where we communicate across oceans every day. In that kind of world, what happens to our neighbours is a good indication of what could happen to us. If my neighbour is evicted from her home, will they not come for me next? If my neighbour is thrown in jail for speaking out against evil, will they not come for me next? if my neighbour cannot migrate to seek a better life abroad, will the same thing not happen to me in the future? We draw these borders all the time between ourselves and our neighbours — between Britain and Europe, between rich and poor. But all of us are linked together. We need an international movement that recognizes those borders as what they are: dangerous fictions meant to keep us apart.

Is it possible to love Europe without leaving the EU? 

Of course it is. I understand Europe from the bottom-up: a continent of peoples — from Serbians (outside the EU), to Hungarians (outside the Eurozone), to the French (at the heart of the EU). I love these people. I understand the EU from the top-down: a set of institutions designed as a cartel. Our job is to transform the EU into a true European project. 

That's what DiEM25 is fighting for — a democratic European Union governed from the bottom-up.

 “@pamfoundation 18.4. 2019

I look at the world as a family.

Each state is a person.

And there are some ‘black sheep’s’, bullies among us.

All families have them.

And usually all they need is love, attention and to be heard.

We are stronger together”


Have you ever heard about Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia? Do you know any famous Czech people?

Is this really a question? I am certainly not Jeremy Hunt, the British foreign minister who recently said that Slovenia is a "Soviet vassal state" or Donald Trump who confused the Baltic states in Europe with the Balkans. I know my geography! 

Once you said Playboy was a university for you. Who was the best teacher and what did you learn?

Hefner was a pioneer. A visionary. He taught me to paint the picture of the life I wanted and do it without apology.

Have you ever learnt something from Vogue?

I love the clothes. And I’m not good at dressing myself.

Why were you not wearing underwear during our shoot?

Oh lord. Really? It’s a photo shoot - who wears underwear. And you told me not to?

 “@pamfoundation 11.4. 2019

I am in shock..

I couldn’t hear clearly what he said?

He looks very bad.

How could you Equador ?

(Because he exposed you).

How could you UK. ?

Of course  - you are America’s bitch and  you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bullshit.”

 “@pamfoundation 11.4. 2019

Being in the public eye helped him evade rendition,

torture or death so far.

We must keep all eyes on him.”

We all know about your tweets concerning latest Julian Assange actions. Why are you so upset?

Julian Assange is a hero.

We will look back and he will be in the history books as one.

How would you describe with your own words your relationship?

We are friends.

Where and how did you actually meet?

I met him at the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Can you remember last words you said to him?

Not actually. But I will visit him in prison soon.

Will there be any justice for him?

I hope so.

What is the biggest disease of the world in these days?


 “@pamfoundation 11.4. 2019

And the USA?

This toxic coward of a President

He needs to rally his base? - 

You are selfish and cruel.

You have taken the entire world backwards.

 You are devils and liars and thieves.

And you will ROTT



How can we make America great again?

Stop putting America first.

What bothers you the most at the moment?

Climate change. May I say something without a question?

Certainly, go ahead.

I worry about Brexit. In these dark times of rising populism, austerity and climate change, Europe should stay united.

What are you doing at the moment?

I’ve had my coffee. I’ve brought Zeus to dressage for the day after a nice morning swim. I have many interviews. Elections are in May. And you want him to have a fun day with other dogs and not stare at me on my phone all day. He always try’s to nudge out of my hand. My baby.

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