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Many times when the media interview a TV face or movies, they seek to vent things from their private lives or fall into gossip and entertainment topics. When people say important things or give proposals to change the rottenness of the system, or make a delation, they close doors. Why do you think this happens?

It’s important not to think of this. And keep communicating your thoughts- fighting against perception is a waste of time.

What is in your opinion the role that women should play in the communication and politics of this century.

People are people. There is no difference. We all must contribute in our own unity and powerful ways.

Tell us a little about your foundation and the work you do for those who do not know it?

The Pamela Anderson Foundation represents everything I’ve learned.

What opinion do you have of what happens in Venezuela? Why, the obstinacy of the United States? What would you propose as a solution?

There is an old joke with the question why is there never a coup in the United States? Because there is no US Embassy there. In other words, what is happening in Venezuela is clearly a coup backed by the United States. But the solution is not a simple choice between Maduro or Guaido - because there is not only the United States, there is also China and Russia, and the main question now seems to be the old one: who will get Venezuela's oil? Who am I to propose a solution for such a complex geopolitical situation? It is for sure the Venezuelan people who have to decide, not foreign powers. Perhaps, let's go a step further, maybe the only solution for world conflicts is to end with fossil fuels?

What do you think about the constant militarization of the United States in the Middle East?

I am not an expert in the Middle East, but from what I can see, the situation seems to be pointing to a escalation point. Trump denied a report that his administration is working on a plan to deploy 120,000 troops to the Middle East, but said he would “absolutely” send them if it were necessary. My answer to this is, look at Iraq, look at Afghanistan, look at Libya - what did these war bring to those countries, to the millions of dead or displaced people from the Middle East. And what did it really bring to the United States? This is why I support Bernie Sander's recent petition to prohibit war with Iran without Congress' approval, no matter if the president is a Republican or Democrat.

Many of the wars that continue to occur in the world are for take natural resources, real economy to sustain the impression of more money for the most powerfull nations. What would you propose to stop this madness?

A Green New Deal, as proposed by DiEM25 in Europe or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the United States. Not just as an environmental plan, but as a just transition to a better society. Ending the economy which is based on extracting natural resources that lead to further wars. Building a sustainable planet. Ending arms sales. Reimagining a new sort of trans-national politics based on solidarity and peaceful co-existence, not only among humans, but also other species - and our planet itself.

Did you recently say that you think that money as we know it today may cease to exist? You can explain a little more about it.

If humans were smart and would work towards a Star Trek future, money would really cease to exist. Watch Star Trek, or read Yanis Varoufakis' wonderful book "Talking to my daughter about the economy" I’ve just finished this book .

Following in the economy. The euro was born as a unitary response of Europe, to face the hegemony of the dollar. Should there be other unit currencies such as one for Russian-speaking countries, another unitary for Latin American countries, another for Africans and thus decrease the asymmetries and effects of the strongest currencies on those territories?

Maybe a world currency which is not based on money but solidarity and love? The more you give, the more you have.

Pamela, you recently visited Julian. How is he? Why do you think it's unjustice what happens with Julian?

It is unjustice because no publisher deserves to be in a super max prison for publishing. If Julian Assange is extradited to the United States, it will not only be grave injustice to a wonderful human being, but will radically transform the very foundation of our democracies - namely, freedom of press. The very fact he is in the so called British Guantanamo, shows that there perhaps is no democracy in the West anymore. It is a historical responsibility of all the journalists and the press, worldwide, to protect courageous whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning or publishers such as Julian Assange. Europe today has the duty to protect Assange and stop him being extradited to the United States.

The persecution that there is on Julian Assange, that for us is an obstruction to the freedom to inform, an attack against the free circulation of the information, is a threat for the future of the journalism in the world. What call would you make to journalism schools, to journalists, to the academic world?

Answered above.

In France the social movement is alive but i feel president Macron don’t really listen the people. What analysis you can do about the situation?

I spoken a lot about the Yellow Vests. The so called "green transition", moving away from fossil fuels, can not be payed by the poor. That's why a simple "carbon tax" was never a solution. Macron didn't get what he wanted, so he sent the police and even army on the streets. But it is a long fight.

What about DiEM5, wich is the proposal you can explain little bit for people who don’t know about it?

You know that I mostly live in Europe at the moment. And I deeply care about the future of Europe. Whatever happens with Europe - as always - will have historic consequences on the rest of the world. And unfortunately I see democracy dying in Europe, on all levels, from authoritarian states to the attacks on freedom of press. The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) is something what is needed in all corners of the world. Why? Because it started from a simple idea, instead of doing old-school national politics, we need more trans-national politics. It is a movement that has more than 100,000 members across Europe - and the world - and besides grassroots organizing it is running for the European elections with a Green New Deal. It's serious, and at the same time - it's fun. The revolution has to be fun.

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