Report from National Domestic Violence Hotline

The National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline) is a vital service that answers the call to support and shift power back to victims and survivors of relationship abuse through human connection and practical assistance—24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are so grateful for the support of the Pamela Anderson Foundation in 2018. Your gift of $30,000 truly changed lives. 

Since our lines first opened in 1996, we have received nearly 5 million contacts from people all over the country who depend on us in their most vulnerable time of need. Because of you, and all that you do to support our mission, we have been able to change lives by providing a path to safety, strength, and recovery. 

In 2018, we answered more than 370,000 contacts from people all over the United States and its territories; people who felt they could finally seek the help they need and let their voices be heard. Because of your support, we can provide a path to safety for thousands of people – many of whom may be disclosing the abuse they are experiencing to another person for the first time. 

In addition to empowering all people to live their best lives and have the safety to achieve their dreams, preventing violence can have a significant impact on the economic future of both potential victims and society as a whole. Our loveisrespect program engages, educates and empowers young people to prevent and end abusive relationships. loveisrespect is the first 24-hour resource for teens who are experiencing dating violence and abuse and is the only teen helpline serving all of the United States and its territories. 

According to the department of Health and Human Services, adolescents spend a substantial amount of time on media and communications activities. High school teens spend an average of 2.3 hours on these types of activities on a weekday and 4.3 hours per day on weekends. loveisrespect engages with young people on our website with interactive polls and quizzes and on social media. Any opportunity to influence positive self-image, self-care and healthy relationships on these platforms is crucial. loveisrespect has more than 42,000 followers on Facebook and 34,000 on Twitter. 

Domestic violence statistics are staggering, but that can change when we truly invest in prevention. Every dollar invested in prevention can empower someone’s future, remove the pain and barriers caused by domestic violence, and truly impact this societal issue once and for all. Thank you for your generous support. We have included some 2018 snapshots of those we served on the next page. We hope you have found this information helpful as you consider your 2019 support. 

On behalf of the National Domestic Violence Hotline—thank you for being a hero to all those we serve. You have invested in the most important thing of all—the belief that everyone deserves to live a life free from violence. 

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