Self Portrait


Rambling of the day,

There are so many things in the world

that are inexcusable-

how do we chose what to do. 

People ask me

How I Prioritize — I see what appears to me

but on my mind now is my


but also friends, neighbors,


climate change.

Recycling in a new town,

living gently. 


Protect Innocent animals. 

Fight for 

Children being exploited

or trafficked - @Polaris_project 

No beauty contests ,

No pedophiles 

Every life matters


I feel overwhelmed.

Even scared sometimes.

We must live courageously

Even in a time

where all we do is monitored. 

Our cameras are

taped over -

Who we support is watched very closely.

We can never know ALL 

about a subject. 

A cause.

An article.

You can retweet something 

you may not know all about

and that might make you think - 

should I have done that?

Am I in trouble ?


maybe it’s not true, or

partly true. 

Or you have been tricked -

Who has written it?

For what reason ?

#Paranoia - #Propaganda

I find myself reading

and re reading 

and wanting to share.

But - 

even I think twice -



I turn to people I am confident 

know better than I





@Slavojiek Slavoj Zizek 











#JosephCampbell @jcf_org


the beat generation ,

McCormick’s (the road)





Local Scientists

@DavidSuzukiFDN to save the wild salmon 


We have to endure 

The biodiversity of the oceans 

I’ve traveled with

Mike Hands planting trees 

Looking for

solutions and alternatives 

to slash and burn @ingafoundation -#haiti, #Honduras #deforestation

I’m proud to be a part 


like all the volunteers on

@SeaShepherd boats


@LockyM  Lockhart Maclean 


#JulianAssange -

his voice is missed -

he has been silenced for a reason- he’d have an intelligent and unique take on all this garbage on the news.

and #whistleblowers 

would feel more comfortable

with Julian at the helm. 

There are more

Brave people out there -

@Snowden  Edward Snowden 

@Xychelsea Chelsea Manning 

I support


saving the rain forest


People who are in action -

Turning their passion into helping people 





We need more outspoken artists

@Rogerwaters ,


Kids -


Disciplined, courageous

and exciting young people 

@BrandonTLee - fearless, Raw, fun to watch

New artists

positive and sensitive 

With something to say in music



Sadness in the lyrics of






@bambini1982 Johnny Byrne 

Its hard to watch the news.

I can assure you if you only watch one channel like @CNN 

you should also watch @RT_com

I think

@RedactedTonight is a great show - 

he delivers very honest information with a sense of humor.


When you see narcissism in powerful positions

recognize it as a sickness, unfit to lead. 


Being afraid 

enables this - speak out.

I get hurt

because I want to believe. I want to

see the best in everyone.


there are bad people 

with bad intentions. 




I support

All #greenparties

world wide

All the


And friend


These are my teachers.

@FollowWestwood Vivienne Westwood 

#Andreas Kronthaler 

At the @UN


I like people that can see beauty in things that already exist 

@RachelAshwell #officialshabbychic

Small living - 

less consuming -

#socialism is not a bad word - 

it’s misunderstood / my dad says it’s when you know where your taxes are going -

#capitalism is destroying the world. #war #fossilfuel

Inspired by




My girlfriend from high school -

to give me a reality check and kind perspective




Lucky to meet / they both taught me so much about style, beauty and being a pioneer.

Living as an artist

Sex is art


are your influences ?

This was written quickly.





and my parents

shaped me -

taught me good and bad -

right and wrong

Boyfriends come and go but real commitments 

test you on every level.

I hope people still want to get married -

We are stronger in pairs. 

Don’t let them keep you dumb. Sick and alone. You’re easier to

Control this way. Watching TV all day or on pharmaceutical drugs. 

It’s more fun to be with a partner. 

And be happy - in a world that doesn’t want you to be happy or powerful. 

To be faithful.

And to only replace ourselves.

Not more than 2 kids.

Anything else seems selfish in these times when the

world is overpopulated


Rich people are out of touch.

Not wanting

#middleclass. This is obvious, brainwashing -

Beware - #read, go to #museums, #galleries- 

The good things in life are #free 

Raise kids the best you can. 

Give independence young.

If you need a nanny

don’t have kids!-

I’ll never forget what I learned from my funny family


My great Auntie Vie

had a unique zest for life

and men -

she was a beautiful hostess

with no money

but she knew how to have fun

being a woman.

And @alexisvmakeup Alexis Vogel

amazing women who taught me so much. I was lucky to know them.

Girls need women to show them the way. #continuumconcept #mothers 

Like boys

need men #robertbly #fathers

I’m just a small town girl 



#VancouverIsland #BC #Canada

I can reflect on my wild little life and honestly say.

I made it around the world and am blessed to make it back where I came from in one piece.

Happy that I can bring something home to 

Inject love and resources into my home town -

That feels good -

I think many can relate to this.

Realizing you don’t need more,

but less -

Success is finding your purpose - 

to not be a burden.

To help people, 

society -


that’s what life is about. 

It’s not about hoarding 

or leaving trust funds- 

I have enough faith in my kids to make their way. 

Trust fund kids are a bore and unattractive. 

It was fun to build careers along side

@LaChapelleLand David LaChapelle 


Work with so many great photographers 



My Friends

#richardprince @jeffkoons @edruscha

Inspiration #jeanlucgoddard #fellini #russmeyer #wernerherzog

My idols 








in the work force lowered wages 

and created a different family dynamic the world is still trying to adjust to -

We have to save #feminism 

from feminists

This is my 

“Rambling of the day”

Pamela xxx