Here in the West, by Pamela Anderson


Here in the West, 
there has been a lot of finger-pointing at Russia in the past years, 
as if in a desperate attempt to revive the “good old times” of the Cold War, when all evil could be so conveniently projected on the Soviet Union. 
As if a forced re-animation of the old enemy could somehow absolve the West of the increasingly obvious need for critical self-introspection and democratic reform in the face of its own accelerating political decline.

Sure, we should be careful not to praise Russia too much. 
After all, they have caused a lot of unjustified suffering in Syria and Ukraine, crack down on human rights defenders and detain lots of political prisoners simply because of their dissent. 
While Russia clearly is not without blame, they certainly are not nearly as evil as they are being portrayed by the West and, in many respects, may even have a less violent and exploitative global track-record than the West.

As a citizen of the West, 
I feel that my primary responsibility is to expose Western dishonesty and double standards: 
This constant disgraceful whining about alleged Russian interference in US elections, simply because the losing camp still cannot find the strength of character to acknowledge that it was the exposure and revelation of their own corruption that caused their defeat – 
not at the hands of Russian hackers, 
but at the hands of the American people making their votes count. 
At the same time, the US are themselves interfering with just about any foreign political process and imposing sanctions and threatening or starting wars against just about any government that does not comply with US policy preferences. 
This irresponsible self-righteousness has already brutally, 
uselessly and unlawfully destroyed the hopes and lives of millions of innocent children, women and men in countries such as Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, 
and Afghanistan, 
just to name a few, 
and now it looks like we will soon have to witness the same inexcusable tragedy unfolding once again, 
in Iran.

When will this finally stop? 
When will we finally decide to hold our leaders to account? 
Where are the prosecutions of Western wars of aggression, 
their war crimes and their exploitative corruption? 
Where is Western leadership in democracy, human rights and environmental protection? 
What else does the West have to offer the world to today than unrestrained exploitation, 
political decadence, 
and moral bankruptcy? 
As a citizen of the West, 
and as a member of the human family, 
I am heartbroken and disgusted at what is being done in my name!