Modern Day “Burgers and Games” by Pamela Anderson


I think it is

quite a challenge linking up

mental health,

gun control

and video games.


With all these public shootings in the US, pointing out these connections are important,

however controversial, divisive, and uncommon in other countries

with the same access

to virtual violence, sex and

brainless past times.


I have never played video games-

I’ve only sat

and reluctantly

watched my boyfriend play -

and only occasionally - it only convinced me more so -

how unattractive it is.

My time on planet Earth has always been too precious to me to waste it on achieving absolutely nothing in a non-existent world full of non-existing problems,

when our real world is so full of real problems that need real people courageous and strong and enough to solve them.

To me, video games are nothing but another drug,

just like alcohol,


and all this other addictive stuff

(including even political, military and financial power).

If we do not learn to give these things their proper place,

to use them responsibly and with the necessary caution,

moderation and accountability,

it will quickly become addictive and,

just like any other drug,

consume all our strength and dignity,

bind all our power and potential,

reduce us to slavish addicts and will not only keep us from achieving anything tangible and lovable in life



will even make us destroy ourselves

and our surroundings.

What we NEED today is grown-up men

and women taking responsibility

for global governance in the real world, and not cowardly people escaping from this real world,

which they cannot handle,

to a virtual reality where they are presented with a simplified world with simplified solutions for simplified problems.

Once addicted to this simplified world, they will at some point try to transpose it back to reality,

and what you get then is these horrendous rapes or massacres of innocent people

by deluded addicts who have lost any sense of reality.

But perhaps the powerful

even prefer that -

than having all these potentially powerful people growing up,

starting to take responsibility,

to ask uncomfortable questions,

to demand real solutions for real problems and to hold the powerful to account. Already in ancient Rome the "Games", where gladiators and animals were slaughtered for the entertainment of the masses,


were deliberately employed

as the "drug" of the people.

"Bread and Circus",

as it was called in politics,

were provided by the dictators to appease the masses and keep them unconscious of or,

at least,

complacent with their subdued status

and to prevent them from rising up and claiming participation

in political life

and the riches of the Empire.


it is no different


ever more often,

dozens or even hundreds of innocents have to pay with their blood,

their hopes

and their lives

for the sedation of the masses with modern

“burgers and games".