Letter to Steve Hight, Venue Director Playboy Club London

Dear Mr. Hight,

As you know, I’m part of Playboy’s family and, I like to think, and as Hugh Hefner always told me, its DNA.

I adore the brand’s playfulness and luxury but was confused-and disappointed to learn the the Playboy Club London is serving foie gras. As someone long associated with Playboy whose sons are both members of your club, I urge you to take this cruelly produced item off your menu.

There’s nothing sexy about foie gras- which means “fatty liver.” In fact, It’s downright vile. I’s produced by ramming metal tubes down the throats of gentle geese and ducks in order to force-feed them until their livers swell up, pressing against their lungs and making it hard for them to breathe. It’s notoriously horrid food for which birds are condemned to such intense suffering that its production would be illegal in the UK and more than a dozen other countries.

Selling this abhorrent pâté is not in keeping with the Playboy brand I know and love, and I hope you’ll remove it from the menu right away. Better yet, replace it with vegan faux gras - a 100% humane and delicious dish that is bursting with bold flavors and doesn’t come at the expense of an animal’s life.

Yours truly,

Pamela Anderson