Vive la France

As I leave the memorial in Nice 

I want to express my condolences to the families of the victims on this sad anniversary 

of last years tragic event. 

In the spirit of freedom 

I hope 

President Macron 

might consider giving 

Julian Assange asylum 

for exposing all that US spying on French presidents, ministers and industry. 

Today is day of Liberty, 

Equality and Fraternity. 

This would show strength 

and this will differentiate President Macron 

from Mr Hollande. 

The UK would like to get rid of Julian 


Trump would also like that result - 

so it would be beneficial and

it's the right thing to do 

The human rights issues are very important.

The UK is stuck because it doesn't want to lose face 


this is a terrible situation that needs resolution.

Please see


which is mostly backed and paid for by France


Like the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, -

President Macron is enjoying a lot of international admiration from liberals for being the "centrist" answer to the far right.  

So there is a lot of opportunity and incentive for him to put lots of progressive issues front and center.

He's already done this kind of thing by offering jobs to American climate scientists etc.

A historic change is taking place with the internet, and everyone's rights is in jeopardy. The world is in need of a statesman who has the foresight and the wisdom to recognize this, and who is willing to make it his personal project to ensure that the necessary policies are put in place to protect these rights in the new environment.

Here is a list of things Macron could/should do to bolster his international reputation as a "pragmatic progressive" :

- end mass surveillance by French intelligence agencies as a forward-looking, modern liberal grand gesture.

- make a big deal about taking steps to recognize the right to online privacy of French citizens, and make protecting civil liberties online a personal project

- take a strong pro-business stance by commiting to the protection of strong end to end encryption in France for French and foreign companies whose business model relies on encryption, and advocate against moves to undermine online businesses by criminalizing encryption in international bodies and other countries

- seek to protect French values against erosion by the internet by seeking to support national alternatives to global internet monopolies such as Google and Facebook, and support processes at the European Union and in international bodies aiming at breaking up internet monopolies to ensure fair competition in online markets

- commit to the protection of whistleblowers, especially those who have revealed the nature of mass surveillance to the people of France

    - Julian Assange

    - Edward Snowden

- seek to end the state of emergency in France, and seek to remove the excuse for ISIS existence by bringing the conflict in Syria to an end via peaceful and diplomatic means.


Vive la  France 🇫🇷 

I am so happy to be living here. Im the country of love.

I hope to be some part of progressive change in France .

Mr President

I will help in any way I can. 



re: La Table du Marche’ by Pamela

I have disappointing news -
Due to circumstances out of my control-
I have to remove my name from the collaboration with Christophe Leroy-

This was a labor of love for the Animals-
to showcase a sexy vegan experience in my favorite village-  
St Tropez.
It did not meet expectations or agreements-

I cannot condone the mistreatment of staff -
or complete lack of respect-

I’m extremely disappointed in this missed opportunity
will keep finding creative ways to help animals and vulnerable people all over the world-

I’m sorry,


What can Germany learn  from America ?

I'm in Cologne, Germany doing an interview. I was asked -

What should Ms Merkel do and What can Germany learn
from America ?

The UK and the US are turning more and more into surveillance states, and cracking down on whistleblowers. Merkel should take the lead in opposing this trend: Germany should protect privacy and work to end surveillance.  Germany should protect whistleblowers and offer them asylum.

What Germany can learn from America:

There are lots of positive things Germany can learn from America: such as the First Amendment. Both countries have learned a lot from each other already.
But Germany can also learn from America's mistakes! Germany can learn not to start wars all over the world!

Happy July 4th

Tonight one of my big dreams come true—

It is opening night at La Table du Marche by Pamela

My first Vegan restaurant with my favorite chef - Christophe Leroy

Christophe and I met at a fundraiser in Paris- He catered the event with the most beautiful Vegan food I have ever had— we sat and discussed doing a pop up restaurant for 50 days during the busy season in St Tropez- 

So many people come to St Tropez from all over the world— I hope that sharing this sexy experience will ignite hearts and minds to veganism-

Eating meat is one of the leading causes of global warming - factory farming must be left in the past—

Eating meat also leads to impotency- a vegan diet is better for your sex life— and I am very focused on the aphrodisiac qualities of a plant based diet— all the food in my restaurant is designed to create love- by not harming any life and bringing joy into the bedroom…and the world…

the atmosphere is very romantic and playful— I have performances, champagne, swings - good music.. chandeliers, candles in the garden- it is an experience -

We hope to make people fall in love with each other and compassionate eating..

Being Vegan is a political statement, as is using green energy..

this is how we can live anti establishment- it is PUNK to not follow the bewildered herd-

we are blessed to live where we can make these forward thinking choices— we must for those that can’t—

the more vegan we are- the less world hunger… less poverty, better for the environment

There are so many health benefits- vegan is NOT boring— please come see me at my restaurant … you won’t be let down.

La Table du Marche by Pamela


Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

Route des plages 83350 Ramatuelle

Tél : 04 94 97 17 22

Make a Reservation/Réserver une Table:


We are delighted to announce that following her visit to Calais earlier this year when she met the team, volunteered in the kitchen, donated vital bedding and food and met some of the unaccompanied minors at the evening distribution, Pamela Anderson has made a generous donation to the the Calais Mobile Youth Centre. This project is a partnership between Help Refugees and Refugee Youth Service. Funds were raised in conjunction with Maria Bravo’s amazing Global Gift Foundation.

The funds will cover running costs for the Mobile Youth Centre, providing essential support, information, aid and much-needed moments of respite to hundreds of children in Northern France every day. They will also cover the costs of the provision of internet each evening. This allows the kids to communicate with their families and friends back home which is such an important form of psycho-social support.

We would like to thank the Pamela Anderson Foundation and everyone at the Foundation for their support as well as Maria Bravo and the Global Gift Foundation.

To donate funds to the Mobile Youth Centre and help us keep this essential service running please click here.

La Table du Marché by Pamela


An unprecedented concept that is well set to make the buzz this summer in Saint-Tropez!
(C'est Bizarre vegan cook book coming soon )
The ephemeral restaurant La table du Marche by Pamela opens it's doors in the enchanting setting of Moulins de Ramatuelle on July 4th.
Born of the meeting between Chef Christophe Leroy and international star Pamela Anderson, the concept of this restaurant has become self-evident: festive, glamorous and Vegan.
Pamela Anderson 'a dream come true' Christophe Leroy, organizer of the famous Nuit Blanche, opened the doors of the Moulins de Ramatuelle to imagine this new address with a magical decoration which, between Champagne bar and 100% Vegan menu, will offer for 50 days to lovers of the Côte d'Azur a gourmet, chic and romantic alternative.
Open every night from 6pm, La Table du Marché by Pamela we will happily greet you a Sensual atmosphere from 4th July.


La Table du Marché by Pamela Anderson : Voilà le nom du restaurant éphémère qui ouvre ses portes dans le cadre enchanteur des Moulins de Ramatuelle le 4 juillet prochain.
Né de la rencontre entre le chef Christophe Leroy et la star internationale Pamela Anderson, le concept de ce restaurant s’est imposé de lui-même : festif, glamour et vegan.
Pamela Anderson en rêvait… Christophe Leroy, organisateur de la célèbre Soirée Blanche, lui ouvre les portes des Moulins de Ramatuelle pour imaginer cette nouvelle adresse au décor féérique qui, entre bar à Champagne et carte 100% Végan, va offrir durant 50 jours aux amoureux de la Côte d’Azur une alternative gourmande, chic et romantique.
Ouverte tous les soirs à partir de 18h, La Table du Marché by Pamela Anderson vous donne rendez-vous à partir du 4 juillet.


La Table du Marché by Pamela

Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

Route des plages 83350 Ramatuelle

Tél : 04 94 97 17 22

Make a Reservation/Réserver une Table:
Media enquiry: MCA Communication 00 33 1 5836 03 45

Why My Heart Stands With Julian

No matter where I am, I can't forget this man isolated in the Ecuadorian Embassy.  A man risking so much with such little gratitude.

Thinking of Julian makes me wonder, what is the sexiest quality in a man? Surely the sexiest qualities in a man are bravery and courage. Sexiness in a man is showing strength. Having convictions and having the courage to stand by them.

Think of a man putting everything aside to stand up to bullies, to say enough is enough, to take a stand for justice and truth.

Standing up for the oppressed, for the weak, for the forgotten. An unstoppable force, standing up to an immoveable object. Even when it is impossible, even when it puts him in danger. Even when he has nothing but his beliefs and his intelligence and his courage.

Many people have courage and strength in their convictions. But how many people have stood up to the ultimate bully, a superpower, with 1200 military bases all around the world? When the courage of their convictions would bring them into conflict with the United States government, how many people would have stuck to their principles and refused to stand down?

Seven years ago, Julian's quest for justice led him into a confrontation with the strongest power in the world. Julian was and still is crusading for justice and truth.  He was trying to show the world the murders that had been committed in Iraq. (

He was trying to show the world hidden crimes that would change our minds and eventually stop the war in Iraq. To question war. To question authority. To shine a light on the powerful. He stood up to the United States government, to the Pentagon, to the CIA, to the FBI, to the White House. He didn't flinch. He still doesn't. He stayed the course. He knew what he was doing. When others attacked him, he stood firm. He persevered.

And he won. WikiLeaks never retracted a single thing. Nothing was censored. Revolutions happened across the world. The Pentagon stood down. Secretary of State Hillary of Clinton is no more. The Obama administration is gone.

Julian won, and we all benefited from this. He took on the Leviathan and won. That is sexy.

Julian has been trapped in a small room for five years now, and for two years before that he was under house arrest. He has won his case against Sweden. All of the excuses are gone. There is no reason he should not be freed.

But Theresa May - who kept him imprisoned in the embassy for 5 years - refuses to allow him to leave. Theresa May, who is on her last legs. Theresa May of the Pyhrric victory. Theresa May, who won't shake the hand of the victims of the Grenfell fire. Who doesn't care about poor people. Who doesn't care about justice or peace. Who doesn't care about Julian. The worst Prime Minister in living memory.

This is an emergency! I am reaching out, with honest diplomacy, to leaders who can make a difference to Julian's plight. At this time, there is such potential for big, galvanizing actions that would inspire the world to activism!

I am reaching out to Emmanuel Macron, and to his wife Brigitte Trogneux. As a resident of France, my adopted home, I would like to meet with you and discuss Julian's situation. I am opening a new vegan restaurant in France in July, and I would like to extend my invitation to the new President and his First Lady. Join me on the day I open the doors, and we will sit and eat good food and discuss what can be done for Julian.  France could display its strength, and so could you, if you give Julian asylum.

I am reaching out to Jeremy Corbyn, who could and should be the next Prime Minister. Jeremy, you and I share a compassion for animals. You and Julian both know how vicious the UK media can be, and how unjust the present government is. Julian should be given safe passage, and compensation. I have watched the recent UK election with great interest. I have cheered the turn in your party's fortunes! You are clearly a decent and fair man. When you come to power, you must rehabilitate the UK's reputation in Latin America! You must condemn the threat of the Cameron government to violate the Vienna Conventions, recognize the UN ruling that Julian is arbitrarily detained.  Free Julian. It would be celebrated across the world, and show everyone that the UK intends to change its foreign policy.

In the United States, things are pretty dire. The director of the CIA is on the warpath against Julian and WikiLeaks. President Trump, who benefited from WikiLeaks' publications, has not stood up for Julian's freedom to publish. I appeal to President Trump, to Ivanka, to the right and the anti-Clinton left, please, let's come together and organise for Julian's release. WikiLeaks is an attempt to bring the First Amendment to the rest of the world. Let's not kill it at home.

I am reaching out to China too. There is too much at stake in the world to allow for all of the geopolitical antler-clashing that is going on now. We must reach out and work together for a better world. I will write a love letter to China. I will  travel there, and discover China for myself, and represent its strengths to the world. I am sure China can be a symbol of peace and strength in the world, and do the right thing. I will advocate for Julian to China's leaders too. China could help Julian.

We must turn the world around. Stop escalating cyberwars. Stop geopolitical sabre-rattling. Stop interfering in elections. Stop torturing animals and eating them. Stop writing speeches on goatskin. Letting Julian go free would change everything. For a better world!

(For Julian)


Out of the night which covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


I love you,



Sea Shepherd Gala Speech

Hello Friends.
It's nice to be back in LA among true warriors
and the generous people who support them -
-in a time where American's looks like self indulgent assholes.
We might sway that perception by continuing the good work of Sea Shepherd.
We must press on -
The ocean is what connects us all.

As a director and the official chair of Sea Shepherd international
it is my honour to welcome all of you to Sea Shepherd’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Sea Shepherd began in 1977, founded by Captain Paul Watson in my home province of British Columbia, Canada.

Since then Sea Shepherd has evolved into the most significant marine wildlife conservation movement on the planet.

The Sea Shepherd fleet of 10 ships is the largest non-governmental anti-poaching navy in the world and Sea Shepherd is now registered in over 40 nations.

There are 7,000 whales swimming free in the Southern Ocean
because Sea Shepherd ships and
crew intervened.

Sea Shepherd successes are marked by lives saved, habitats protected, and criminals brought to justice.

With us tonight are quite a few Sea Shepherd captains, officers and crew and it is important to stress that these brave men and women have accomplished so much -and only able to -
because of people like yourself.

The Sea Shepherd Navy has four divisions.

The first are the courageous men and women who operate the ships, stand as Guardians at the Cove in Japan or walk the beaches of Costa Rica to stop turtle poachers.

The second are the hundreds of unsung volunteer shore supporters around the world who keep Neptune’s navy running, raising funds, organizing supplies, speaking in schools, attending conferences, cleaning beaches of plastic, organizing local campaigns and events and assisting the ships whenever the ships are in their area.

The third division are the thousands of supporters around the world that provide the donations to keep the ships at sea.

The U.S. Navy has taxpayers to keep the ships afloat.
Sea Shepherd has you.

And finally the fourth division, three of whom we are honouring tonight, the incredibly generous people who have made it possible for Sea Shepherd to secure the most important tools in our campaigns – our ships.

Our three honorees this evening are

Bob Barker

John Paul DeJoria

And Martin Sheen

Their names are proudly displayed on the bow and stern of our intrepid ships an honour they share with those whose names grace six of our other ships.

Brigitte Bardot

Dr. Bronner

The late Sam Simon

The late Farley Mowat

The late Jairo Mora Sandoval

And the late Steve Irwin.

Sea Shepherd’s Navy is composed of our ships, our drones, our crews and the most powerful weapons on this planet – cameras.

We go into battle with cameras instead of guns -
The truth is our most powerful weapon.
Evidence and Awareness.

Sea Shepherd practices aggressive non-violence and over these last 40 years not a single person -we have opposed-
has been injured and we have not suffered any serious injuries to our crew despite being shot at, beaten, and attacked with spears, grenades and other projectiles.

Sea Shepherd was established as an anti-poaching organization but it has become much more over the years.

Today Sea Shepherd inspires people around the world to understand that they can make a difference, that each and every one of us has the power to change the world.

Thank you.