A Troubled Heart

A troubled heart.

Choices I need you to make. I can see the outcome.

But ...

I don't want to hurt you. I see you're a winner. I'm who'll lose.

And I'm not playing games.  Just existing down the street. I only write when I have to. My thoughts are constant. A flow. More than you should know. They veer to here and there. They aren't sensible. They are somehow appreciated though. I'll stay my way for awhile. Not sure where to land. Circling the runway.

I wonder if this makes sense. If I let you lead this. It will be a sexual fling like I've had before. I need provocation. The magic of loves twists and turns. I have to stay alone. My boys need my full attention. Somehow I know where I'm headed. But this is too quick. Too much. Too wrong. Not right. I need direction. The director. Where is he. Call me.