Your Crazy Pamela ..

Your crazy Pamela ..

You'll see me leaving.

I'm heading home-

Walking barefoot on hot lava..

I turn back one last time... And smile...Before.. I step into the ocean....handfuls of smooth pebbles... drop softly at my sides.

I go ..rippling...circles around a salted halo..

sinking ...slowly into the waist, the lizard queen...disappearing ...

My hair floating wet behind me.

I return to my father.

It was fun baby...

Feel me in the smooth cool rocks you skip.

Hear the melody in my voice.

The song I never sang for you resonates in your soul.

I have touched you in ways you can't forget..

As you have touched me...

In another world -you'll find me.

Dancing on a red checkered table cloth...

My hips swaying slowly to the memory of you inside me.

I hold myself - believing your strong arms are still around me.

My eyes are clothed.

A veil - not closed..

I'm alone ...with tear drenched teeth... A fantasy ... Requited..

Aching ribs... And a liquid neck...

It's time to go... My love.

Remember me...